Dongyang Tianyu Chemicals Co., Ltd.
About Us
Founded in 1998, Zhejiang Dongyang Tianyu Chemical Co., Ltd. locates in Dongyang city, Zhejiang province. Our company is located at the crossing place of Yongjin expressway and Zhuyong expressway, and is close to Yiwu city (the biggest small commodities market in China). Dongyang is a beautiful city, with a history of 1,800 years old and a lot of sceneries; moreover, Dongyang is well-known as the county of "woodcarving, construction and education". Up to now, Tianyu has established cooperative relationships with several enterprises, including Anhui Lianke Industrial Co., Ltd., Quzhou Lide Chemical Co., Ltd.,Quzhou Jucheng Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangshan Botai Dianguang Technical Co., Ltd.. At present, we are mainly engaged in the development, production and trade of fine chemical ..
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